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Nick Waraksa and Nico Herlea's Wedding

Nick and Nico

"One Love, One Heart, Let's get together and feel alright" 

- Bob Marley

This day is not only a celebration of our love, but also a celebration of how we came to meet, know and understand the importance and delicacy of the people in our life.


It does not happen too often in a lifetime to have your best friends and family together in a beautiful, exotic place like Negril, Jamaica.  We would be honored to have you all as companions on the day of November 25th, 2011 when the union of two souls should try to speak the same language in one bubble bath marriage.  ;)


We've chosen Jamaica because of how the Rasta culture embraces the beauty of "the moment".  

No worries, Mon! 

Happiness is only experienced when shared.  Come and free your spirits with us!


Nick and Nico look like a Fairy Tale Couple










"They are a beautiful couple and I loved working with them", says Gayle Zielke, Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist.








Hey Gayle,
Wow.. . quite the trip.. . I think I'm actually still in Jamaica.. .
Thanks for all your help in getting everyone there.  It was a truly magical time and I believe the sentiments are shared by every person that went :)

thanks again Gayle, we would love to meet in person sometime.
~ nick ~


hi Gayle,
everybody was perfect and happy with everything,we could have not choose a better place,nick and i will stop by you, we want to meet you in person,

lot's of love



Nico and Nick Waraksas Amazing Wedding!


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Gayle Zielke MCC

Destination Wedding Specialist

First Choice Travel and Cruise

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