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Cover your trip with travel insurance. Peace of mind for you!


Why Would I Want to Purchase Travel Insurance?

I totally understand how you feel. Why should you purchase travel insurance?


Now with the world the way it is... anything can happen to make you wish you did take the travel insurance.

From my personal experience it is usually the guests who do not take it...need it.  That actually happened to me over 10 years ago and now I know better first hand!! After over 25 years of experience it seems like more and more of our guests have had to use the travel insurance for one reason or another.  They are happy to have purchased it. First Choice Travel and Cruise highly recommends purchasing travel insurance, even if for a little peace of mind.

There’s no way to prevent unforeseen travel mishaps from happening. Travel insurance can help minimize the financial impact to your vacation and give you peace of mind!  Ask your travel planner for more information on the best travel insurance for your trip.


#1 Many reasons....besides being a certain age, kids at home, grandkids at home, elderly parents at home, .... just about anything can happen.


#2 Peace of mind or just to cover your butt for any reason it is worth the peace of mind to take out insurance.  Many of us have kids who now have children of their own and you just never know what might come up to make you want to cancel. 


#3 The Cancel for any reason really comes in handy.  Fight with a spouse, child or work about a day off.  No problem.


#4 If you don't have the insurance the cancellation fees start to begin depending on what day you need to cancel. 


#5 This travel insurance covers you while you are gone too.  That is a big plus if you need to come home for an emergency, break a leg and need some medical care.  Your home insurance doesn't always cover out of the country issues. So for maybe around $109.99 per person for a week you are covered for any reason.


Now I never used to get the insurance because I thought I never needed it.  I had a wonderful trip to Tahiti plannned and my husband needed emergency surgery so I lost it all.  It can happen to anyone.  Now I am a believer. And rememember I hear every story imaginable coming across our office desks on why people need to cancel. So now I really suggest and recommend that everyone takes out some type of travel insurance!


But hey it is really up to you.  I just recommend it because nowadays anything can happen!!





Do Honeymooners need travel insurance?
When you start planning your honeymoon, you may soon find yourself getting a headache - a financial one. Most people want their perfect honeymoon getaway, but wonder how they will ever be able to afford it.

If you want to still be able to enjoy your honeymoon, here are a few tips on how to finance your expensive honeymoon.

If you're not too picky about the weather (for instance - with an indoor resort or cruise), consider an off-season honeymoon. If the date for your wedding is not set in stone, you will find that you can save a great deal of money on flights and accommodation by simply moving your honeymoon away from the summer.

Consider creating a Honeymoon Registry with First Choice Travel and Cruise. If you are not familiar with this, it as an easy way to find the funds for your honeymoon. First, you register your planned trip with our agency. Then, your friends and family who wish can actually contribute to the cost, which can save you a great deal of money.

Your honeymoon can be expensive, but it should be a happy time in your life. With a little careful planning and saving, you can afford your dream honeymoon.  




TRAVEL PROTECTION IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED!  Peace of mind for a minimal fee.  Click Below for a quote: